BreezeCoin: Real asset-backed cryptocurrency with interest rate payment

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What we offer

Breeze Coin is an Ethereum based ERC20 decentralized token. It is a cryptocurrency that will be used within the Breeze de Mar project. Since the coin will also be a medium of exchange in the projects, it will always be in circulation. Being based on the real estate assets and mortgage papers, interest rate payment is guarenteed!

Unlike the other cryptocurrencies, BreezeCoin is linked to physical world through the real assets! Now that we are living in a world dominated by the Industry 4.0, we are pushing the real-estate business towards the future!

  • Adapted to the Real World
  • Real Asset-Backed
  • Interest Payment
  • Industry 4.0
Adapted to the
Real World

BreezeCoin is more than just a standard cryptocurrency: it has a real-world use. The coin is linked to the physical world through the real estate assets, moreover it is a medium of exchange in all the Breeze de Mar Resort Hotel concepts.

Real Asset

Each and every BreezeCoin correspond to the mortgage papers of Breeze de Mar Orlando project. Thus, it represents a real world meaning.


Every month, the income from the interest rate of the mortgage papers is distributed to the BreezeCoin holders.

Industry 4.0

With its nature adapted to the real world and real asset-backed structure, BreezeCoin and Breeze de Mar comply the necessities emerged after Industry 4.0.


Breeze de Mar is a resort hotel project. The first step of the project has already started in Orlanda, USA. In addition, the next step of the project, Breeze de Mar Las Vegas, will be publicized in the Istanbul Real Estate Fair (Istanbul, Turkey) in November 2018, and will be put up for sales in Cannes Real Estate Fair (Cannes, France). Furthermore, two additional projects, Bahamas and Hawaii, are still under project development. BreezeCoins correspond to the mortgage papers coming from the sales of Breeze de Mar projects. Being a member of the Akpinar Group, GAOK Invest is the company that Breeze de Mar belongs to. For the previous work in the real estate field, please check the following pages: Akpınar Group and Gaok Invest



Orlando, being one of the most attractive cities both in Florida and in the USA, is the heart of the first step of the Breeze de Mar project. The Orlando project will be delivered in December 2018. Within the acquired project area of 900K square meters, it will include 1576 apartments and 54 bungalows. In addition to the attractive city itself, Disney Land and the NASA Space Station is close by to the project area!


Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Sale of tokens started on June 1 and ended on June 20.

When all the sales of the Breeze de Mar Orlando project is completed, the company will hold mortgage papers of 200M USD worth. That is also the reason why the total amount of coins that have been produced is 200M. In addition, since the company holds mortgage papers of 200M USD worth at the moment, only 50M coins are in circulation, the rest being in the reserve.

  • 200,000,000 in Total
  • 10,000,000 for the Team
  • 150,000,000 for the Reserve
  • 30,000,000 for the ICO
  • 10,000,000 for the Early Investors



The idea came to exist


The office in the USA opened


- Breeze de Mar Orlando was publicized for the first time
- The office in Istanbul/Turkey opened
- The construction of the Orlando project started


The idea came to exist

2017 October

Breeze de Mar Orlando was publicized in Istanbul CNR Exposition

2017 November

The team was formed

2018 January

TThe project outline was formed

2018 February

- Breeze de Mar Las Vegas project will be publicized in Istanbul CNR Exposition

2018 November

The development of the coin started

2018 March

The project was publicized

2018 May
2018 MAYIS 10

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) period will start

2018 June 1

ICO period will end

2018 June 20

Meetings will start to enter into coin exchange websites

2018 July 1

First interest income will be paid to the BreezeCoin holders

2019 January 31

Sales of the Las Vegas project will start in Cannes Real Estate Exposition

2019 March

Apartments of the Orlando project will be delivered

2019 May

BreezeCoin will be a medium of exchange in the Orlando project

2019 September

Bahama Project will be published in Istanbul CNR Expo

2019 November

We will start to work on implementing BreezeCoin payment system in every Hotels in the world.

2019 December

Interest Payment


Based on Mortgage Papers

The income that Breeze de Mar receives through the interest of mortgage papers will be distributed to the BreezeCoin holders. At present, the company holds mortgage papers of approx. 50M USD worth. The interest rate is determined to be annually 6.5%. As the sales increase and the next projects are introduced, the total value of the mortgage papers will be increased, therefore the amount of payment will be higher. Here is an example calculation. Suppose the company has mortgage papers of 50M USD worth , and there is 200M total amount of BreezeCoins. If the annual interest rate is 6.5%, then this means that there will be 3.250M USD interest payment in total. If you have 5000 BreezeCoins, you will have: 5000 / 200,000,000 x 3,250,000 = 81.25 USD annual interest income. Payments will be done in the form of Ethereum.

BreezeCoin Team